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Welcome to the Center for Revolutionary Relationships…

Relationships can be very challenging. Whether it is with your mate, child, friend, family member, co-worker, boss or neighbor. Having conflicts is an inevitable by-product of any relationship.

When we are struggling in our relationships, it typically affects how we think (mental fogginess, negative thinking, low self-worth), how we feel (anxiety, depression, frustration, anger), and ultimately how we behave (low motivation, withdrawal, poor work/school performance).

You may hesitate to seek out help and support. Some people avoid it and hope it improves over time. Others try and make changes and end up back in the same old negative cycles and patterns. Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness. It is symbolic of strength and courage to face the issues and learn a new set of skills and techniques so you can experience a higher level of functioning in all your relationships. Change can feel frightening but really becomes freeing when you are willing to work through issues to get to a better place, become a better person and have better relationships!

The only way therapy can be most beneficial to you is by finding a therapist that invites you to feel comfortable and confident with the therapeutic process. You want to choose a therapist who is congruent with your values, core belief system and commitment to achieving your treatment goals.

Our caring therapist are here to help you with:

  • The relationship with yourself… We can help if you struggle with anxiety, depression, codependency, trauma, grief, loss, or just wanting to feel better about yourself and your life.
  • The relationship with your spouse or partner… We can help you and your loved one if you’re feeling disconnected and alone, arguing too much, have experience betrayals of trust or infidelity, or just having different ways of handling conflicts regarding money, sex, parenting, social media, lack of commonalities, etc.
  • The relationship you have with your soon to be spouse… We’re here to help you and your fiancé build a strong foundation for healthy, lasting marriage.
  • The relationship with an ex-partner or spouse or soon to be ex… We can support you through the breakup or divorce process and help you learn collaborative coparenting skills if you have children.
  • The relationship with your family… If you are arguing with your teenager or need parenting skills or support, we can help. If you’re having difficulty with adult child or children, we can offer tools to create healing solutions. Or if you are learning how to manage complicated family dynamics like a blended family with step or have children, and family therapy can repair and restore these family challenges.

We are so excited to help you learn to revolutionize yourself and your relationships!
If you are excited to start, please get in touch today by calling us at 330-459-6743 or making an Appointment Request.